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Advanced configuration. PIV smart card authentication. Network analysis. Delegated Administration and Director. Secure Director deployment. Configure with Citrix Analytics for Performance. Site analytics. Alerts and notifications. Filters data. Historical trends. Troubleshoot deployments. User issues. Feature compatibility matrix. Data granularity and retention. Troubleshoot Director failure reasons.

Third party notices. Document History. Aviso legal. Este texto foi traduzido automaticamente. Este artigo foi traduzido automaticamente. The endpoint decodes and provides the multimedia locally, moving the Citrix Workspace app window back into the hosted Microsoft Teams app.

Authentication and signaling occur natively on the Microsoft Teams-hosted app, just like the other Microsoft Teams services for example chat or collaboration.

Citrix and Microsoft recommend the latest available version of Microsoft Teams and to keep it up to date. Unsupported Microsoft Teams desktop app versions show a blocking page to users and request to update the app.

We recommend that you follow the Microsoft Teams machine-wide installation guidelines. Also, avoid using the. All users can then uninstall Microsoft Teams if they have administrator credentials. Suppose you have Windows 10 dedicated persistent VDI environments. In this case, use the. We recommend that you install Microsoft Teams version 1. Version 1. For example, Breakout Rooms, pop out windows for meetings and chat, or meeting reactions.

For information, see Optimization for Microsoft Teams with Citrix App Layering in the list of features that managed through the registry. The following is an example of folders, desktop shortcuts, and registries created by installing Microsoft Teams machine-wide installer on a Windows Server bit VM:. When using the. All the files are placed in AppData. The best practice recommendations are based on the use-case scenarios.

Using Microsoft Teams with a non-persistent setup requires a profile caching manager for efficient Microsoft Teams runtime data synchronization. With a profile caching manager, the appropriate user-specific information is cached during the user session.

For example, the user-specific information includes, user data, profile, and settings. Synchronize the data in these two folders:. Exclude the files and directories from the Microsoft Teams caching folder as described in the Microsoft documentation.

This action helps you to reduce the user caching size to further optimize your non-persistent setup. In this scenario, the end user uses Microsoft Teams in one location at a time. In a common virtual desktop deployment, each user is assigned to one desktop, and Microsoft Teams is deployed in the virtual desktop as one application. We recommend enabling the Citrix Profile container and redirecting the per-user directories listed in Per-user installer into the container.

List all the per-user directories into this configuration. For a complete list of verified endpoints, see Thin Clients. For more information, see Prerequisites to install Citrix Workspace app. After the update is complete, restart the Session.

Root permission is required. Citrix Viewer app requires access to macOS Security and Privacy preferences for screen sharing to work. If you want to disable Microsoft Teams optimization, run this command in a terminal and restart the Citrix Workspace app:. This section provides recommendations and guidance to estimate how many users or virtual machines VMs can be supported on a single physical host.

The idea is to find out how many users or VMs can be ran on a single piece of hardware running a major hypervisor. This section includes guidance to estimate SSS. Note that the guidance is high level and might not necessarily be specific to your unique situation or environment. Citrix recommends using this guidance and these simple rules to quickly estimate SSS only. However, Citrix recommends using Login VSI or the load testing tool of your choice to validate results, especially before purchasing hardware or making any financial decisions.

To enable optimization for Microsoft Teams, use the Manage console policy described in the Microsoft Teams redirection policy. This policy is ON by default. In addition to this policy being enabled, HDX checks to verify that the version of the Citrix Workspace app is at least the minimum required version. Microsoft Teams reads the key to load in VDI mode. Loading the API is the first step toward redirection.

Exit Microsoft Teams by right-clicking the notification area icon and restarting. Microsoft Teams relies on Media Processor servers in Microsoft for meetings or multiparty calls.

So the network health between the peer and the Microsoft cloud determines the performance of the call. Please refer to Microsoft network connectivity principles for detailed guidelines around network planning. We recommend evaluating your environment to identify any risks and requirements that can influence your overall cloud voice and video deployment.

For support information, see Support. The manner in which this is accomplished will vary depending on the VPN product and machine platform used but most VPN solutions will allow some simple configuration of policy to apply this logic. For more information on VPN platform-specific split tunnel guidance, see this Microsoft article. Citrix minimum recommendations per user are:.

About performance, encoding is more expensive than decoding for CPU use at the client machine. You can hardcode the maximum encoding resolution in the Citrix Workspace app for Linux and Windows.

See Encoder performance estimator and Optimization for Microsoft Teams. If you configure an explicit proxy server in the VDA and route connections to localhost through a proxy, redirection fails. If not, optimization fails. If the branch office is configured to access the internet through a proxy, these versions support proxy servers:.

If DNS requests are unsuccessful, P2P calls with outside users and conference calls media establishment fails. This support means that the endpoint must be able to perform DNS resolutions. Consider a scenario where there is no direct path between the two peers or between a peer and a conference server and you are joining a multi-party call or meeting. The HdxRtcEngine. These ranges include both Transport Relays and media processors, front-ended by an Azure Load Balancer.

Call quality depends on the underlying network protocol. Meetings fail. Use this architecture diagram as a visual reference for the call flow sequence. The corresponding steps are indicated in the diagram. Citrix media engine and Teams. With Direct Routing, you connect your own supported session border controller to the Microsoft Phone System directly without any additional on-premises software.

Call queues, transfer, forward, hold, mute, and resume a call are supported. Starting with version , Citrix Workspace app supports dynamic emergency calling. The notification is provided based on the current location of the Citrix Workspace app that runs on the endpoint, instead of the Microsoft Teams client that runs on the VDA. To enable dynamic emergency calling, the administrator must use the Microsoft Teams Admin Center and configure the following to create a network or emergency location map:.

When users start an optimized call using the Microsoft Teams client for the first time, they might notice a warning with the Windows firewall settings. The warning asks for users to allow communication for HdxTeams. You can apply more restrictive rules if you want. You can deploy Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business side by side as two separate solutions with overlapping capabilities.

For more information, see Understand Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business coexistence and interoperability. Examples include island modes and Skype for Business with Microsoft Teams collaboration.

Also, Skype for Business with Microsoft Teams collaboration and meetings. AMA 1. Azure 4. Bots 1. Development Essential PH-1 1. Exchange 1. Exchange 4. Exchange Online 3. Featured 5. Lync Server Microsoft Teams Quick Tips 1. Skype for Business Skypevalidator 3. Sorry this didn’t help. Thanks for your feedback. I have, and they’ve indicated that there’s nothing that their product does that could result in this behavior the IdentityCache directory not being created.

Did you find a resolution or any helpful info you learned? I’m looking at this page and wondering what I need to do in DEM:. Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. Search the community and support articles Microsoft Teams Teams for education Search Community member.

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May 25,  · Posted May 7, Hello, according to this article Optimization for Microsoft Teams () MS Teams running on Citrix VDI has some known limitations, among which this one, quote: Give control and take control: Not supported during a desktop screen sharing or application sharing session. Supported only during a PowerPoint sharing session. Sep 06,  · Teams VDI – People in Meeting. Hi, we have had some strange experiences with Teams VDI version. As far as we know, there is only a maximum of 4 participants that can be seen at the same time. So far so good, but we also have users that can see a full 7 users at the same time. Where does the difference come from? Feb 19,  · By Alex Ivanov – Microsoft”Teams on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Media optimization improves user Calling and Meeting experience by offloading Audio/.


Ms teams vdi version – ms teams vdi version


Asked by Michele Rusconi. Supported only during a PowerPoint sharing session. Do you guys know if there’s a way to have the “Full Version” in order to have this feature in a Citrix VDI environment?

You can have the “full version” if you do not use the Teams HDX Optimization feature, and if you install Teams as per-user and not per-machine machine based. Hello Kasper, thanks! Are there any drawbacks in deactivating the HDX optimization features and installing Teams as per-user? Hi, Yes, there are a few drawbacks. With the per-user mode of Teams you can no longer control which version the user has access to, as it lives in the user’s profile and updates at random ms teams vdi version – ms teams vdi version.

So, if I understood correctly, you think is better to keep the HDX Optimization enabled and keep Teams as per-machine, even though this means not having those features available?

I just asked to Citrix Support, they told me that we have to wait for Microsoft to update the HDX, per-machine version in order vri have those features And the machine-based Teams is a recommendation by Microsoft and with that you have control over which version of Teams you are on.

I think you are on the right path with contacting Citrix support. I actually think it’s mostly Microsoft teaams are “waiting on” in regards of supported feature with Teams HDX Optimization, but yes let’s hope Microsoft ups their game with Teams in virtualized environments.

I use the the following article to get it working, On a side note, I am running OneDrive in “Online Only” mode successfully on both apps. Перейти unlocked version with give etams take control features?

In that article you mentioned they specifically say that some functionalities are limited in the VDI version. You will be able to leave a comment after signing in. Welcome to the Citrix Discussions. Our site does not support outdated browser or earlier versions.

To use our site, please take one of the following actions:. Click to know more To provide a unified login experience, Citrix will enforce MFA for all Citrix properties starting on October 1, If you haven’t already enrolled Upvote if you also have this question or find it interesting. Learn more. Follow, to receive updates on ms teams vdi version – ms teams vdi version topic. Sign in to follow this Followers 3. Michele Rusconi 6. Michele Rusconi Enthusiast 6 Members 11 posts.

Posted May 7, Hello, according to this article Optimization for Microsoft Teams citrix. Versiin is really annoying. Share this post Link to post. Recommended Posts. Mark this reply as best answer, if it ms teams vdi version – ms teams vdi version your question. Upvote if you found this answer helpful or interesting. Kasper Johansen Kasper Johansen Scholar Members reams. Hi, You can have the “full version” if you do not use the Teams HDX Optimization feature, and if you install Teams as per-user and not per-machine machine based.

Thanks for the information. Thanks, let’s hope that MS and Citrix versino fix this in the future releases. Thanks again for your help! John Ferrini 0. John Ferrini 0 Members 3 posts.

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